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Australian Filipina Couples - Other Priorities?

An Australian partner visa or prospective marriage visa is assessed by the Department on how genuine and committed it is, and on your intention to live together permanently. If you act like your heart is elsewhere, you risk having your visa refused.

Registered Migration Agents Down Under Visa give practical advice on presenting your case as well as possible to the Department, and showing that your relationship is in fact genuine and committed. They explain the risks involved if you appear to prefer to be in the Philippines with your family.

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Down Under Visa are the experts in Manila with partner visas from Philippines to Australia. They manage Partner visas (spouse visas, de facto visas) and prospective marriage visas (fiancee visas, fiance visas).

Visa applications electronically lodged at the Australian Embassy in Manila or Department office in Australia. You and your lady from the Philippines are in very safe hands with Jeff Harvie and the team.

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