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David and Maricel - Happy Down Under Visa clients

David and Maricel are two happy Down Under Visa clients in Australia with a Partner Visa from Philippines. Today they share their story of getting Jeff Harvie and the team to manage their visa application for them, as they are now happily settled in Australia as a family with their two children.

Thanks to our great clients for their kindness in telling their story about their application with Down Under Visa as their migration agents. Helpful to those who haven't started the visa process yet, as well as those who are just waiting on their visa grants. We hope they have many years of happiness together.

If you are not our client yet, we look forward to helping you through the visa process and to seeing you together in Australia with a visa grant.

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Down Under Visa specialise in Australian partner visas from Philippines to Australia.

Down Under Visa can assess your case through the visa assessment form, and can manage your entire relationship from that assessment through managing visa requirements, through to lodging the visa application electronically.

Down Under Visa have a very high success rate, and operate under a strict code of conduct. As an Australian man, you and your Filipina lady are in very safe hands with Jeff Harvie and the Down Under Visa team.

David and Maricel - Happy Down Under Visa clients | Realted Posts