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Tourist Visa Issues - Philippines to Australia Podcasts

Tourist Visa applications from Philippines to Australia. Some important issues, including: Can you get an Australian Tourist Visa for a 6 month visit? And what is the Chinese Tourist Visa Scam? What should you watch out for if a Filipina girl seems to genuinely want to spend time with you, and then needs money for what seems to make sense? What does Jeff Harvie and all his experience have to tell you? for Australian visas from Philippines. for a free online visa assessment form.

BLOG article:

As long as there is poverty....and yes, the Philippines has it's share of poor people, and battlers who struggle to get ahead....there will always be those who will target your big fat Westerner wallet! We can hopefully help a few people to miss out on this popular scam involving Filipinas supposedly working in China.

As for six month visitor visa stays? We have insights from our extensive experience, as well as written advice from the Australian Embassy in Manila. We will explain what a reasonable time request is for a visitor visa from Philippines to Australia.

Jeff Harvie is a Registered Migration Agent with Down Under Visa, the premier Australian migration agency practice in Manila who specialise in partner visas, tourist visas and family visas for Australian Filipina couples. Jeff has had over 20 years experience with the Philippines and with Filipino culture especially as it relates to Australian culture.

Down Under Visa can help with onshore partner visas, offshore partner visas, prospective marriage visas, fiancee visas, spouse visas, de facto visas, tourist visas, visitor visas and Citizenship by Descent applications.

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