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The Tourist Visa Refusal Notice - Down Under Visa Philippines to Australia Podcast

The Dreaded Tourist Visa Refusal Notice

Probably the most heartbreaking moment to an Australian Filipina couple, madly in love and want to spend some time together in Australia. Then all of a sudden they get an email and it’s a visa refusal notice. No one ever expects it, and it comes as a huge shock. Most have made travel plans, and some have already booked plane tickets.

What’s tough about all of this is that most assume that tourist visa applications are easy. A “simple tourist visa application”, people tell us. Or “just a tourist visa application”, as though it was a mere formality. Tick the boxes….STAMP……next? Well, no it isn’t. There are so many people from developing nations who intend getting into Australia, overstaying and working unlawfully. Ordinary wages are very high in Australia for ordinary work, like labouring or picking fruit/vegetables, there is a high incentive to break the rules.

And what it means is that those who apply for legitimate reasons and with the best of possible intentions get caught up in the same net if they don’t present their cases properly.

Why are Australian Tourist Visas refused?

Australian tourist visa refusal takes place when a visa application doesn’t meet the criteria set down in the Migration Regulations, which is part of Commonwealth Law. Meet the criteria, and you get a visa. Don’t meet the criteria, and by law they must refuse it. The onus is on the visa applicant to convince the case officer in the Australian Embassy in Manila that these Regulations are met. They need to believe:

• That the applicant has a genuine reason to visit Australia, ie to visit friends and family or for general tourism purposes

• That the applicant has access to funds to support themselves during this stay

• That they have no untention to breach visa conditions, ie to overstay and/or to work unlawfully in Australia

• That they have a strong enough incentive to return to their home country after their stay


The visa refusal notice is mostly made up of template words and paragraphs, with a small amount of personal information added. 90% of what we see on your refusal letter we will have seen over and over again over many years. And it’s like anything mass-produced in that it will fit your situation, but not very well. It can leave you confused and wondering if the problem was the applicant not having a job or not having “show money” stuffed into a bank account for her to try to fool the authorities. It invariably means you just didn’t manage to convince them of those points above.

A strongly prepared case, especially one prepared by a migration professional like Down Under Visa, has a strong chance of success.

The Tourist Visa Refusal Notice - Down Under Visa Philippines to Australia Podcast | Realted Posts