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Sponsored Parent Visas - Philippines to Australia Podcasts

Sponsored Parent Visas from Philippines to Australia. A visa to bring your Filipino mum and/or dad to come and stay with you and your family for a long long time! A three years stay or maybe a five year stay! AND you can re-apply (once only) and make it ten years maximum. Ideal option for Australian Filipina couples with children of their own and a need to work (which means childcare/daycare). for Australian visas from Philippines. for a free online visa assessment form.

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And this is a temporary visa, therefore less effort and considerably less cost than a permanent parent visa. This visa is perfect, and really tailor-made for those young Australian Filipina couples with children where both parents need to work in order to pay the mortgage and to get a foothold in Australia's high-priced housing market. It means your kids can be taken care of in their own home by someone who cares about them and whom you can safely leave your kids with knowing that they would rather die than harm their precious grandchildren. And you can come home to a clean house. All of this without paying high fees for child care/daycare.

Jeff Harvie is a Registered Migration Agent with Down Under Visa, the premier Australian migration agency practice in Manila who specialise in partner visas, tourist visas and family visas for Australian Filipina couples. Jeff has had over 20 years experience with the Philippines and with Filipino culture especially as it relates to Australian culture.

Down Under Visa can help with onshore partner visas, offshore partner visas, prospective marriage visas, fiancee visas, spouse visas, de facto visas, tourist visas, visitor visas and Citizenship by Descent applications.

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