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Police Clearances for Australian Visas - Philippines to Australia Podcasts

Police Clearance for Australian Visas - Do you need one, and how do you get it?

All Australian Visa applications require the visa applicant to pass the "character test", and that means to prove that they are not a threat to Australians and Australian society. That means that visa applicants for partner visas, child visas and many other visas need to get a police clearance (aka Penal Clearance) from their country as well as any country where they've lived for 12 months or more.

They need to know if the visa applicant has been convicted of a crime and has been sentenced to 12 months or more in prison. They also need to know if sponsors for partner visa applications have significant criminal records for violent crimes and/or sex crimes which could put a Filipina visa holder in danger when she's in Australia. for Australian visas from Philippines. for a free online visa assessment form.

BLOG article:

So all visa applicants can expect to need to provide at least one police clearance, as do sponsors. An NBI Clearance is very normal for Filipina visa applicants, and those who have lived and worked in Singapore or Hong Kong of Dubai etc can expect to have to provide a police clearance from these countries as well as part of their visa application. Australian Sponsors can expect to have to provide a National Police Clearance (NPC) from the AFP (Australian Federal Police).

Jeff Harvie an Australian CItizen and a Registered Migration Agent with Down Under Visa, the premier Australian migration agency practice in Manila who specialise in partner visas, tourist visas and family visas for Australian Filipina couples. Jeff has had over 20 years experience with the Philippines and with Filipino culture especially as it relates to Australian culture. He lives in Manila Philippines with his Filipina wife and a large collection of children.

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