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Philippines Wedding for an Australian Filipina Couple - Philippines to Australia Podcast

A Philippines wedding – A good choice for an Australian Filipina couple?

One of the questions that Australian Filipina couples need to ask themselves is where they should marry. Should they have a wedding in Philippines with the family, or should they marry in Australia in their new home?

Which is better? Australian wedding or Philippines wedding?

One of the more common questions we’re asked. Which is better? Which is better for the visa? Which does the Department prefer? Which choice makes the process go easier or faster? The answer is simple. NO DIFFERENCE!They Department have no preferences. And Down Under Visa have no preferences either, and we won’t push you into choosing one method over another. You need to decide what will make you happier. You then tell us, and we will work with your choice. Think about your wedding and what you want, and concentrate on that.

Of course a girl wants to marry with her family present. It’s always been the understanding that it’s the bride’s day primarily. A gentleman tends to yield to what makes his lady happy. We all know that, don’t we chaps? A big wedding in her home down, with all the relatives there. It makes for a special day for her and also for a large family who will be saying goodbye to their girl when she goes to Australia with you. But if it isn’t a practical thing to do, then these considerations may end up taking priority.

Certain Realities

Yes, make your choice based on what you want, but also be realistic. There are practical considerations, and these need to be considered. Not so much for the visa or what the Department think or don’t think, but what will make the process easier on the two of you. If you’re under stress, you will have an emotionally strained wedding which you certainly do not want. You want this to be a memorable day, of course.

Time:A wedding in the Philippines will take 3 – 4 weeks of time to organise. Nothing in the Philippines happens in a speedy manner, including weddings. You can’t have a fly-in-fly-out wedding, and if you can’t take a month off work then you really shouldn’t try to do this.

Temperament: Not everyone is set up to manage a Philippines wedding.

• Are you comfortable with crowds? If not, then the number of people attending and involved with preparations will freak you out.

• Are you a control freak? You will have very little personal input into this, and if you can’t handle it you shouldn’t even try. It will make you very annoyed.

• Are you relaxed, with a sense of humour? If yes, you will do fine. If you are the control freak who can’t laugh at illogic, you won’t like it.

Even though I’ve been living here for 8 years and are more easy going and mellow than I used to be, no I would still not want to do it. But plenty of Australian men have a wonderful time, and are happy to sit back and watch others blustering around making the decisions and doing the work. Filipino weddings are delightfully happy occasions, and if you like people and large numbers of kids then you will really enjoy yourself.

Whatever you decide, Down Under Visa are happy to help you to bring your bride to Australia.

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