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Dependent Children - Down Under Visa Philippines to Australia Podcast

Dependent Children and Australian Visa Applications from Philippines. What is a Dependent Child?

So you’re applying for an Australian partner visa from Philippines for your Filipina wife or fiancee, and she is a single mother with kids. Can she include her children in the visa? If the child is a Dependent Child. This means the child is wholly or substantially dependent on her for her daily needs, and has been for a significant length of time prior to the application.

This podcast will give you insight into what makes a child a Dependent Child in the eyes of the department of immigration (Home Affairs) in Australia. It will also explain what makes a child in fact NOT dependent, and therefore not entitled to an Australian visa. This can be a challenging area for Filipinos where the family bond is very close and there is often an expectation of a family remaining together.

What does Dependent Child mean?

Firstly it means they are a member of the nuclear family. Family unit means mum, dad, child OR step-child, and possibly child-of-child. It doesn’t mean elderly parents, cousins, and child of sister to whom you’ve grown very fond.

If the child is under 18, then they are a dependent child. That is unless they are engaged, married or in a de facto relationship with someone else. If that’s the case, then no they are no longer dependent. However if they have kids, then that in itself does not exclude them as long as they remain single.

Secondly, It also means that the child applicant (known as a “secondary applicant” in a visa application) is dependent the applicant and/or the sponsor. If they are over 18, they may still be included in the application as a dependent child if they are in fact truly dependent on the applicant and/or sponsor.

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