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Australian Partner Visa Sponsorship Withdrawal - Philippines to Australia Podcasts

Australian Filipina relationship breaks down. Partner Visa granted and she's in Australia with you. What happens when the sponsor contacts the Immigration people and says "I withdraw my sponsorship"? What happens to the partner visa? What happens to the visa holder? Does she get deported? Can you follow it up and make sure she leaves?

A partner visa requires a sponsor to make a partner visa happen. No sponsor = no visa. If the sponsor withdraws his sponsorship, normally the visa will be cancelled based on that. However don't expect the Department to communicate with you after you withdraw your sponsorship.

A visa will normally be cancelled unless there are exceptional circumstances such as relevant family violence caused by the sponsor. Family violence is the term the Department use for domestic violence that leads to actual violence or a genuine fear of violence. for Australian visas from Philippines. for a free online visa assessment form.

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And don't expect Down Under Visa to continue representing you either, as we would have a conflict of interest if we helped one party and not the other.

Jeff Harvie an Australian CItizen and a Registered Migration Agent with Down Under Visa, the premier Australian migration agency practice in Manila who specialise in partner visas, tourist visas and family visas for Australian Filipina couples. Jeff has had over 20 years experience with the Philippines and with Filipino culture especially as it relates to Australian culture. He lives in Manila Philippines with his Filipina wife and a large collection of children.

Down Under Visa can help with onshore partner visas, offshore partner visas, prospective marriage visas, fiancee visas, spouse visas, de facto visas, parent visas, child visas, tourist visas, visitor visas, citizenship by conferral (for PR holders) and Citizenship by Descent applications.

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