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Why you should use a Registered Migration Agent Down Under Visa

Why use a Registered Migration Agent to bring your Filipina lady from Philippines to Australia? What are the advantages over doing it yourself to save a bit of cash?

Australian visas from Philippines are always hard work, and there are a lot of traps for new players. Partner Visas (ie spouse visas, fiancee visas, prospective marriage visas, de facto partner visas) are a great deal of work and require a lot of evidence of a genuine relationship existing, and Tourist Visa applications are not as simple as most people assume them to be.

Tourist visas, they need to be certain that the applicant has a genuine reason to visit Australia, and to believe they will return again at the end of their stay. There is a risk of visa holders overstaying and breaching visa conditions by working unlawfully.

Partner Visas, they must be convinced that a genuine and ongoing relationship exists between two spouses, therefore they require plenty of documentation.

Down Under Visa are Australian Registered Migration Agents who run a successful practice in Manila Philippines. They only help Australian Filipina couples with partner visas, tourist visas and family visas.

They offer a free online visa assessment form on the Down Under Visa website.

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